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27 May 2020

The IACOB project. VI. On the elusive detection of massive O-type stars close to the ZAMS

The apparent lack of massive O-type stars near the zero-age main sequence (at ages < 2 Myr) is a topic widely discussed. Different explanations for this elusive detection have been proposed, but no firm conclusions have been reached yet. We reassess this empirical result benefiting from the high-quality spectroscopic observations of >400 Galactic O-type stars gathered by the IACOB and OWN surveys. We used temperatures and gravities from a iacob-gbat/fastwind spectroscopic analysis to locat...

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26 May 2020

Revisiting Proxima with ESPRESSO

We aim to confirm the presence of Proxima b using independent measurements obtained with the new ESPRESSO spectrograph, and refine the planetary parameters taking advantage of its improved precision. We analysed 63 spectroscopic ESPRESSO observations of Proxima taken during 2019. We obtained radial velocity measurements with a typical radial velocity photon noise of 26 cm/s. We ran a joint MCMC analysis on the time series of the radial velocity and full-width half maximum of the cross-correlatio...

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