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21 Jun 2019

The 21 cm Power Spectrum from the Cosmic Dawn: First Results from the OVRO-LWA

The 21\,cm transition of neutral hydrogen is opening an observational window into the cosmic dawn of the universe---the epoch of first star formation. We use 28\,hr of data from the Owens Valley Radio Observatory Long Wavelength Array (OVRO-LWA) to place upper limits on the spatial power spectrum of 21\,cm emission at $z \approx 18.4$ ($\Delta_{21} \lesssim 10^4\,\text{mK}$), and within the absorption feature reported by the EDGES experiment (Bowman et al. 2018). In the process we demonstrate ...

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19 Jun 2019

Unified lensing and kinematic analysis for any elliptical mass profile

We demonstrate an efficient method to compute the strong-gravitational-lensing deflection angle and magnification for any elliptical surface-density profile. This method solves a numerical hurdle in lens modelling that has lacked a general solution for nearly three decades. The hurdle emerges because it is prohibitive to derive analytic expressions of the lensing quantities for most elliptical mass profiles. In our method, we first decompose an elliptical mass profile into Gaussian components....

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