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04 Nov 2019

Planck evidence for a closed Universe and a possible crisis for cosmology

Eleonora Di Valentino, Alessandro Melchiorri, Joseph Silk

The recent Planck Legacy 2018 release has confirmed the presence of an enhanced lensing amplitude in cosmic microwave background power spectra compared with that predicted in the standardΛcold dark matter model, whereΛis the cosmological constant. A closed Universe can provide a physical explanation for this effect, with the Planck cosmic microwave background spectra now preferring a positive curvature at more than the 99% confidence level. Here, we further investigate the evidence for a close...

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01 Nov 2019

A noninteracting low-mass black hole–giant star binary system

Todd A. Thompson, Christopher S. Kochanek, Krzysztof Z. Stanek, Carles Badenes, + 12 more

Black hole binary systems with companion stars are typically found via their x-ray emission, generated by interaction and accretion. Noninteracting binaries are expected to be plentiful in the Galaxy but must be observed using other methods. We combine radial velocity and photometric variability data to show that the bright, rapidly rotating giant star 2MASS J05215658+4359220 is in a binary system with a massive unseen companion. The system has an orbital period of ~83 days and near-zero eccentr...

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